Skin Care

Our Skin Care formula consists of organic and natural ingredients with minimalist recipes, derived from our wise ancestors. The ritual of cleansing and nourishing our skin is as old as humanity itself. In high culture civilization such as in Ancient Egyptian, only High Priests and wealthy family members of the Pharaoh were privileged to perform cleansing rituals – one of them Cleopatra, who was said to bathe in milk every evening. Proper skin care was a sign of health, wealth and a connection to the Gods. For this reason, cleansing was performed like a ritual with lots of rich, rare and costly ingredients. The same principles apply to our vision of Skin Care. Except that we produce 100% vegan and cruelty free products, rich in composition and free of harmful chemicals and synthetic hormones. So take your time, worship your body and relax into the wellness of soft and healthy skin.

Organic Bath Cubes

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