Pillow Bag · Faux Sheep Fur + Crinkled Bronze
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Dreimonde · Flock · Pillow Bag

Flock · Pillow Bag

Travelling through emerald landscapes and watching white flocks of sheep, lazily grazing the meadows, when something unruley strikes the eye: neon orange, pink and green marks on fluffy white wool – a bubble of innoscence and serenity bursts, while reality about meat and fashion industry strikes hard.

In a world, where we can shift our values and use multiple alternatives for animal products, we want to set a statement with our collection FLOCK. We create bags with high quality faux fur, wear-resistant materials and the reminder, that each animal skin wears a mark we don’t see. But consuming them transfers these marks on us, turning us into the “Flock” of innocent sheep.

We love tranparency and being transparent about marks the industry prefers to hide. So the “FLOCK” is a soft and cuddley bag with the mission to remind us, that we can make a shift in our perception and a change in our behaviour, anytime!


Everybody who wants to make a change


Cream White, Bronze, Neon-Orange


One size: 37 x 42 x 10cm;
Straps: 30cm


Faux Sheep Fur, 100% Nylon, Organic Cotton; 100% Polyester

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Dreimonde · Flock · Pillow Bag
Dreimonde · Flock · Pillow Bag
Dreimonde · FLOCK · Pillow Bag